Monday, 14 March 2011

I'm praying for Japan ー日本のためにー

The massive earthquake measuring 9.0 and the following Tsunami struck Japan last Friday, on 11th March. This is the worst hardship for Japan since World War Ⅱ and it has broken my heart completely. My family in Yokohama, just out side of Tokyo, are all ok but I am still waiting for good news from my close friend in Sendai, one of the worst-hit area. (On 14th March I finally got a reply from her!! She and her family are ok! Thank God!)

Many countries including the U.K are offering gracious support for Japan and we deeply appreciate it. I also got many warm message and encouragement from my friends over the world. Now in Japan we unite to overcome this calamity. As I am in England I only can pray for the people and donate, but I am still thinking what I can do something else. It is too hard for me only watching the awful news on TV here. Although I don't know anyone would like to donate, I add the link to British Red Cross on this blog as one of the things I can do now.

* * *