Monday, 28 October 2013

AIR - day 50

Another workshop with 3rd graders in Oyada elementary school. 17 pupils divided in 4 groups created 2m-high monsters from trash and dairy objects. This workshop is aimed at developing imagination and
creating a narrative about the character they make.

Group1 created a garbage monster which has the third eye to be able to see 10km ahead. The monster of Group2 is a flying beetle guarding the town. They set a broken controller on its forehead saying "it has a button for running and flying. Also it has a timer like 1hour or 10min that it can use the super power during the time." Third group's monster lives in a quiet place as it likes playing music. It has several musical instruments attached on the body.  The last one has a superpower of safety. They found many tops of plastic bottles and put them on the body as suckers so that it won't fall when it climbs a wall. It also wears a helmet. 

In 2011 I did a workshop of hybrid character making for adult as a part of a group exhibition in London. This workshop is based on the same concept but bigger and collaborative. They will have another class for making a profile sheet about each character.  
This is the last workshop during the residency program. I hope I can do a workshop again with children.