Friday, 25 October 2013

AIR - day 47

I have completed the piece of my work which explores the idea of dividing and a correlation between negative space and positive space. The cutout I created divides the paper in half, right and left, while they are still delicately connected with the fine lines. Furthermore the act of making holes on the paper connects the front space and the back of the paper. It also leeds the notion of "here and there" when it is hanged.

Whenever I cut paper it goes over the English terms "negative and positive space" in my mind, although I cannot find right words paraphrased in Japanese. Seeing negative space means seeing positive space, and vice versa. The positive space creates shadow when it's lit, while negative space is filled with light. The front and the back, light and shadow, positive and negative space.... They seem to be opposite each other, but they are like two sides of the same coin. 

“隔てる・分ける” ということ、そして空間におけるネガティブ/ポジティブということを模索して制作していたものが一段落しました。紙の中心をカットしていく行為は、一枚の紙を右と左に分けつつも、細い線によって左右を脆く繋げています。また、切り抜かれた穴は紙の前後をつなぎ、吊り下げることにより空間を隔て、こちら側とあちら側という概念を生み出します。