Thursday, 12 September 2013

AIR - day 3

I have been having a dilemma for these few years that I tend to label my practice if it is Art, Illustration or Design, even though I know that categorizing is nonsense.
Things can be seen in various ways by different people and a story can be changed easily by different story tellers. This is probably why I am interested in shadow because it can be disappeared, distorted or doubled depending on the lighting. People are the one created categories, thus the boundary between things is vague or there is no border in actuality.

I have been experimenting with washi for a couple days to know the texture by ripping, scrubbing, putting water on etc. I can see that the fibers tangle to compose a sheet of paper and it reminds me that things are complex relating with different elements and linking to other issues endlessly. I hope I can develop the research into artworks utilizing organic aspects of Japanese paper.