Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tsu-tsu-mu ("wrap" in Japanese...)

A friend of mine brought me a small gift from Japan. It's a box of sweets. It reminds me a great deal of how the Japanese cherish the act of wrapping called "tsu-tsu-mu". Japanese people demonstrate their feelings of warmth, respect and appreciation towards someone by giving a gift beautifully wrapped. "Tsu-tsu-mu" is more than just packaging. It is an act of kindness from the heart.


Last summer I went back to Japan. Japanese culture is very inspirational. I realised that paper is predominantly used in traditional interior decor as well as for wrapping. Some examples of the use of paper in interior decor are a lampshade, a sliding screen and a folding screen. PerhapsI my interest in paper correlates with my cultural background.... maybe...