Wednesday, 24 August 2011

developped illustration

My new illustration which is developed from the workshop.
I quite liked a character "Aunt Nursy" created by Yoko in the workshop (below left). The hybrid character nurses babies and her body which is a tree trunk gets dry and dry. She used a picture of chairs as her legs and it reminds me roots which get nutrition from soil. The other work I was inspired was "Minerva", a flightless bird with huge eyes and branch wings, created by Claudia. She used fashionable hats from Vogue magazine as its eyes.
From these ideas, a tree and a bird, I made an illustration of a tree monster with a cutout from a magazine. I drew a strong power of nature, although we are in a serious situation about environment issue. A man-made building was taking inside a tree and ruled. You can also see a hidden comical skinny bird right side of the picture.
All characters created in the workshop are so interesting. It was very hard to choose and I wish I had more time to work with them... Thank you so much again for joining the workshop and sharing your wonderful creativity!!

Yokoさんの作った乳母のキャラクター"Aunt Nursy"は胴体が木の幹。授乳するたびに木がスカスカになっていくという少し悲しい、でも母性愛を感じさせるストーリーでした。足に使われていた椅子が木の根っこを連想させます。